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About Us

E.J. Whitney Company, Inc. is a manufacturing solutions company for the bottling, labeling and disposable diaper manufacturing industries and has been since 1979. We specialize in replacement products that exceed OEM specifications for added durability, less down time, and increased ROI.  We also provide custom engineering and metal fabrication of rollers using their custom compounds of silicone, polyurethane, and rubber. 

Nearly 30 years of experience and innovation has resulted in products that enhance machine run time, solve OEM glue release problems, and increase accuracy.  These solutions and others can be seen in many industries including disposable diaper manufacturing where for 28 years EJ Whitney Co.’s manufactured and remanufactured diaper machine rollers have been lowering costs and decreasing down time. Their innovative material formulations and non stick, high wear products have proven useful in the diaper industry on JOA, PCMC, customer designed diaper machines and many other industries where solutions were previously not thought possible. E. J. Whitney has and always will protect the privacy of it’s customer’s designs.

Many of EJ Whitney’s products include silicone or silicon parts, RTV rollers,RTVparts, urethane rollers and polyurethane rollers, bottle filling seals, filler valve seals, gripper sponges, capper rings, labeler sponges, seal rubbers, bottle pads, bottle pad inserts, bottle plates and bottle plate inserts.  These products are designed to enhance the performance of bottling and labeling machines like the Krones topmatic, solomatic, starmatic, polymatic, minimatic, supermatic, pasamatic, canmatic, Rondella, top modul, star modul and prontomatic machines.  Other labeling and bottle handling machines include Anker, KHS, U.S. Bottlers and BEVCO.