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Gripper Sponges & Replacement Sponge Rollers

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Brass Glue Rolls & Sponge - Fullerton, California

Gripper Cylinder Sponges

The E. J. Whitney Company has been producing high quality label gripper sponges to fit Krones Inc., KHS USA, KHS AG, KHS Ancher, P.E. USA Inc. and other labelers for over ten years.

E.J. Whitney Co. gripper sponges are made of non-stick silicone that collapses like a sponge by design. The non-stick silicone label applicator keeps glue from sticking to the surface for longer service intervals before clean up. Also, during clean-up the gripper sponge does not absorb water or other cleaning agents. Most clients have converted 100% of their label applicators to the E.J. Whitney Co. gripper sponges. These label applicators work very well with PET or glass packages and are proven on the fastest and slowest beer labeling lines. Ordering is very simple and only one phone call away. All that is needed is some basic information about the application of the gripper sponge and one new sponge for gathering the dimensions. Tooling and production of the first article will take approx. two to three weeks depending on workload.

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Brass Glue Rolls & Sponge - Fullerton, California

Label Applicators

Following customer inquiries we have developed several silicone rollers which perform very well as long lasting alternatives to sponge or foam covered rollers. We can also produce sponge foam rollers to meet your needs.