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High Performance Replacement Parts for KRONES Machines

 We make or recondition a variety of high performance replacement parts for KRONES labelling machines, focusing on rubber, polyurethane and silicone related parts. Full bottle plates, inserts, glue rollers, glue bowls, scrapers and other parts. Contact us with your parts questions and we will help you get the parts you need.

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Brass Glue Rolls & Sponge - Fullerton, California


High Performance Glue Rollers for Krones Machines
All rubber is removed and a new cover is machined to factory specifications. Accuracy being critical with this part, we re-machine flanges and bottom taper if necessary. Part is stamped with your company name. The material we use is superior to O.E.M. and others recovering these rolls.

Replacement for Krones Part # 1-018-52-042-0
                                          # 1-018-52-056-1

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Glue Rolls & Scraper - Fullerton, California


Canmatic type glue rolls for Krones, Alpha Quatro and others. New or recovered with silicone for high-temp, non-stick service. Made to your specifications. Normal delivery time is approximately one week.

Replacement for Krones Part # 1-880

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Glue Rolls & Scraper - Fullerton, California


Gripper Cylinder Sponges

Our Gripper sponges last many times longer than o.e.m. sponges, some customers have reported that they lasted up to a year.

Our exclusive design. Made of silicone, they collapse to fit the bottle contour. Glue will not stick to them making it easier to keep clean. These do not absorb water and all parts are identical.

E.J. Whitney Company, Inc. - Bottle Pads and Inserts - Fullerton, California


We make two different bottle plates or sometimes called bottle pads for Krones labeling machines. The Canmatic style is a plastic body with an insert made of our proprietary insert material. We can make you a whole set or just make you the insert if you prefer.

We also make stainless bottle pads for Krones Solomatic and similar machines. These are commonly used in the beer industry. On this style we offer new complete bottle plates or we strip the old rubber out of your used plates and recover them. Our proprietary rubber lasts twice as long and customers have reported that glass shards do not imbed into the rubber surface as much as the OEM Krones parts.  Plates work equally well on PET and glass containers.

Replacement for Krones Part # 1-018-11-156-0
                                          # 1-018-11-238-0

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Krones Label Roller - Fullerton, California

Label Roller & INSERTS for KRONES

We offer high performance replacement Krones label rollers made to OEM specs unsing the highest quality material available.

Replacement for Krones Part # 1-800-13-501-1
                                          # 1-800-13-50

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Krones Label Roller - Fullerton, California


Our Glue Bowls are an exact reproduction of the original part.

Glue Bowl Part #  1-077-52-001-0

Label Applicator Roll


Label Applicator Roll

Our label applicator roll or sometimes called an “On Roller” is used post-label application to assure complete, correct label adhesion.  The roller applies more pressure to specific problem areas, such as corners.  Unlike the OEM sponge roll ours is non-stick silicone and is designed to collapse to conform to the bottle.  “On Rollers” are to be used in conjunction with 2- Krones bushings #1-071-23-026-0