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Bottle Filling Seal Rubbers

Bottle filling seal rubbers were one of the first products produced by E.J. Whitney Co. Over 30 years of production has spurred innovative new designs and manufacturing processes that have revolutionized the bottle filling industry.

Bottle filling seal rubbers are custom made for use on US Bottlers Machines and many others. These seal rubbers are made from silicone for their superior temperature characteristics and high chemical resistance. Seal rubbers can be designed for slip-on or clamp-on applications with or without a vacuum breaker rib. Silicone seal rubbers maintain their seal and integrity from 0 - 375 degrees F. Polyurethane seal rubbers are also available for certain chemical packaging applications.

Bell guides are custom manufactured for many machines including US Bottlers Machines. For cold fill applications a proprietary high quality mixed polyurethane is used. Hot fill applications are made with a special silicone.

E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Bell Guides - Fullerton, California


E.J. Whitney 
Company, Inc. - Seal Rubbers - Fullerton, California

We manufacture bell guides commonly used on machines manufactured by the U. S. Bottlers Machinery Co. Made of polyurethane for cold fill and silicone for hot fill.







Bottle filling seal rubbers are the first product that the E. J. Whitney Co. made. Our company was founded by producing high quality filler seals. We make filler seals in all of our materials, rubber, polyurethane or silicone to fit your specialty chemical and FDA compatible needs. Silicone seals can be used on cold fill and hot fill applications and can withstand temperatures to 375 degrees F. Filler seals can be made to almost any size to match your specifications and almost any quantity.








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